Application design and development is one of my hobbies as well as my professional job.

Although my current focus is Java, MySQL, Cloud Services and Big Data, I have exceptional experience in other programming languages, databases and operating systems too.

I have analyzed, designed and developed many business projects such as accounting, fixed assets, purchasing, inventory management, sales, stock market, derivatives, investment, insurance, education and publishing.

Some Applications I Have Developed Or Participated In
(Company names are excluded)

Sales and Customer Management

Full featured sales and customer management system developed by Java and MySQL. Application includes all necessary features from leads management to contacts, sales, invoices, statements and reports. Sales managers have a dashboard to follow visually every activity.

System has faxing, emailing and payment modules as well.

Purchase Order

Manages whole process starting from request in the lab to invoicing from vendors and subcontractors. Package has modules for inventory and cost management and subcontractor management. It is also interacting with current applications to read and write data.

Fixed Assets

Manages the assets from acquisition date to write-off. It calculates, reports and keeps together two different methods at the same time: American system and Turkish fiscal system. System has a module to transfer the data periodically into Oracle General Ledger database.

Quality Management

This company organizes travels between Turkey and Europe and works with many agencies, hotels and resorts and the most important need is to evaluate and report them. The system gets the information from clients and prepares all the performance and failure reports and prints the reports in letter format. It was developed using MS Access.

Reporting System

This system developed to meet all report needs of the company using Crystal Reports, Visual FoxPro, MS Access

Bank Letters

Finance Department works with various banks and makes many transactions to manage the money and foreign currencies. This application, every morning, takes the information from main database that is kept in AS/400 and prints the formal letters for the banks.

Invoice Control

Thousands of invoice from depots come to Sales Department with diskettes and they are transferred to main system. Before transfer, the application checks the invoices according to the given rules and shows the mistakes. User can see and correct the mistakes and then transfer them. This program reads all the codes from the main database such as retailers, products, units, depots and prices.

Fuel Automation

The company has a system for those have a large vehicle fleet. Vehicles are installed a chip and so fuel pumps recognize these vehicles by reading the chip. Therefore invoices are charged to companies automatically and companies keep track vehicles easily.

Application runs as a part of this system by executing some tasks such as chip programming, fleet management and reporting.

Brokerage House Automation

In 1990s, the Market’s first integrated software package for brokerage house operations, trading stocks, bonds, options and futures with accounting and inventory. At one side about 50 dealers were trading thousands of orders from about 10,000 clients, in the other side cashiers, accountants, managers were working on and watching at transactions online.

The application had a module to communicate with five branches for online order – confirmation system over the modems.


Personal stock market application that were developed in Visual Basic and used MS Access database.

Risk and Return

Prepares a chart and table by calculating average return and standard deviation of stocks.

I designed and developed the application using Java and related technologies such as JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, JDBC, SQL, XML and Tomcat.

Portfolio Management

A Portfolio Management application with Risk and Return Analysis system for the portfolio managers.

Dividend Management

A package to manage transactions concerning capital increase, preference rights and distribution of dividends.

The system manages shareholders, prints legitimate documents, prepares reports and charts.

Member Management

The Chamber of Electrical Engineers has about 10,000 members. The package has all the functions expected to manage and follow the members.


Financial fax on demand system. Ten different pages, which have financial information, were being updated every night after closing the markets and people were receiving the pages by calling from their fax machine and interacting with the system.

Technical Service Automation

Managed entire jobs at technical service of the largest IBM re-seller during late 1980s functioning in area of computer applications. Starting from sale of computer systems, all information was entering to database. A technical job starts with a call by customer; continue with a work order assigning the job to a suitable technician and after some other steps, ends with an invoice.

This application was being used in all stages and it was printing all the forms and preparing the reports.

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My Degree and – Current / Past – Certifications

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering,
Istanbul Technical University
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level

Oracle Certified Expert
Java Business Component Developer
Java Business Component Developer
Java Programmer
Java Programmer