Mithat Karaoglu

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University

Experienced Business Application Designer and Developer on many areas such as investment, stock market, purchase order management, accounting, inventory, asset management, customer management, hospitality sector, payment systems and maintenance services with strong IT background from computer hardware to operating systems, computer training to software development.

Brief Summary of Skills

20+ years of experience on Java, SQL and related libraries and technologies

5+ years of experience on Amazon Web Services -AWS- such as EC2, S3, SES, WorkMail, SQS, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFront, RDS, DynamoDB, Lambda and Textract

10+ years of experience on JavaScript-HTML-CSS with Angular framework

10+ years of experience on MySQL, Oracle, MS-Access and some other database systems.

20+ years of experience on DOS, Windows and Linux operating systems.

Other programming languages that I use from time to time: C, Python, Lua, Visual Basic and FoxPro

Industries I am experienced in



Stock Exchange

Currency Exchange



Tire & Rubber

Oil & Gas

Public Sector

Information Technology

Computer Training

Maintenance and Repair services

Major Applications I have Designed and Developed

Cloud based Receipt Management system

Cloud based Sales and Customer Management system

Various Android apps

Credit Card processing interfaces for PayPal, Mercury Pay and Moneris

Brokerage House Automation

Currency Exchange Office Automation

Portfolio Management

Personal Portfolio Management

Stock Dividends Management

Fixed Assets

Purchase Order Management

Fax on Demand application

Customer Management

Quality Management System

Member Management

Technical Service Automation

Technical Library Management

Reporting System

Fuel Automation

Invoice Control

Interface modules to various accounting applications